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To execute an overhand pass, the player moves underneath the ball and controls it with the fingertips. The cup of the fingers is made so that the thumbs and forefingers are close together and the other fingers are spread.

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OVERHAND PASS. A pass executed with both hands open, controlled by the fingers and thumbs, played just above the forehead.

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What is overhand pass in volleyball? The hands follow through towards the target. The passer finds their balance and gets ready to cover or hit the ball. As the passer gets to the point of contact with the ball and stops their feet, the hands come together above and in front of the head. Click to see full answer.

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Player overhand passes the ball to a setter and digs their return spike. Then, a setter sets the ball for a spike. Dig The Kill. category: 5-Drills. 2 players stand on either side of the net, and the receiver starts with the ball by overhand passing it across the net.

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LESSON FOCUS Volleyball Skills — Overhand Pass, Forearm Pass forearm pass and catch the ball. This is a basic drill and should be mastered before proceeding to others. Partner Passing Drills 1. Players are about 10 ft apart. Player A tosses the ball (controlled toss) to player B, who passes the ball back to A, who catches the ball.

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Practice and improve your overhand pass with the exercise shown in this video.You will find more videos to improve your passing game in our program.Visit her...

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This is the basic pass in volleyball, and may also known as the "volley pass", "overhand pass", "chest pass" or "face pass". It is the most used and most accurate pass in volleyball. It can only be...

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Overhead Passing is Like Skill of Setting. Overhand passing has many advantages. For one thing, you can speed up the offense by playing the ball overhead. For example, instead of forearm volleyball passing a ball that is falling short over the net, a front row player can take the ball with the hands and overhand pass quickly to the setter.