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Football Betting Explained - Beginners Guide to Betting on ...

Football betting terms Back bets. When you stake money on a certain outcome happening. Bankroll. The amount of money you have in your theoretical betting balance. Cash-out. A popular betting feature which enables punters to close and settle their bets before an event has finished.

Football Betting Glossary | Online Betting Terms Explained

Evens Bet. Evens bet is a bet placed at odds of 2.00 (1/1), commonly known as even odds, and is seen as an ideal bet especially for players who mostly bet on singles because it doubles your stake if guessed correctly. The players only need to win every other bet placed on even odds or higher to…. Read More.

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Half Time/Full Time betting: In Half Time/Full Time betting (known as HT/FT betting) you bet on both the result at half time and the full-time result. Keep in mind that the second part of the bet is the full-time bet, not only the goals scored in the second half.

Betting - Glossary of common betting terms

If you bet "three dimes," that means a $3,000 wager. 'Dog: Short for underdog. Dollar: Jargon for a $100 bet. Usually used with bookies; if you bet "five dollars," that means a $500 wager.

Sports Betting Terms: A Glossary For New Sports Bettors

Here’s a look at some common sports betting terms someone new to the game might need to place those bets – and hopefully cash a few tickets. Accumulator – This is similar to a parlay in that it involves a series of bets in one wager. Each of the bets must win in order for the wager to win. If one leg of an accumulator loses the wager loses.

NFL Betting Explained

NFL Betting Explained NFL Betting – The Point Spread. This is the most popular bet on any NFL game and is also known as line betting or sides. NFL Betting – Totals. When betting on the totals you are trying to predict whether there will be more or less points... Money Line Betting on the NFL. The ...

How to Read Football Odds: #1 Guide to Fooball Betting Odds ...

Betting odds are numeric representations of the likelihood of a certain outcome. Plus, they represent the return, or profit, that the bettor will receive with a winning bet. This outcome probability can also be called implied probability .

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The bets which make up this multiple bet are as follows; 6 singles, 15 doubles, 20 trebles, 15 four-fold accumulators, 6 five-fold accumulators and 1 six-fold accumulator. One winning selection in this bet type would lock-in a return, whilst 6 winners would lead to a generous return, as all 63 bets involved would be settled as winners.