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A quarter in basketball refers to the period of time in one section of a basketball game. A NBA game is split into four, 12 minute periods that are referred to as quarters. The game clock reads how much time is left in every given quarter, starting at 12 and running all the way to zero.

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On the other hand, there are varying periods of time in quarters, which are determined according to the level of competition. Hence, the game has to differ by the level of competition. Under the NBA rules, a quarter is officially 12 minutes, while the International Basketball Federation (FIBA) uses a 10 minute quarter.

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by admin in Basketball Wiki | Comments Off. Playing time of a basketball game depends on the level of competition. A basketball game organized by International Basketball Federation, consists of 4 quarters (periods) of 10 minutes with 2 minutes gap between each quarter. The allotted time of a NBA game is 48 minutes, split into 4 quarters of 12 minutes but normally it takes a much longer time to finish an NBA game as there are so many interruptions and delays involve in a game.

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In the NBA or basketball games in general, each quarter’s length throughout the game is always the same on the clock. In the NBA, the length of a quarter is 12 minutes on the clock, however, the overall time for each quarter can be different based on the number of stoppages done in the quarter.

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Although the time might slightly vary from game to game, a professional NBA game has 4 quarters each of 12 minutes with slight breaks in between. Similarly, a professional FIBA game also has 4 quarters, but the time for each quarter, in this case, is 10 minutes.

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How Long Is a Basketball Game? The NBA rules specify that a professional basketball game will have four quarters. Each quarter is 12 minutes (no more, no less). That should take no more than 48 minutes for the NBA teams to finish a basketball game. However, these recommended numbers of minutes are seldom followed.

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Basketball games have a total of 4 quarters. The quarters in a basketball game has 10 minutes of game time and 2 minutes in between breaks for every quarter. The different leagues have varying time quarters.

How Many Quarters Are There In a Basketball Game?

In NBA games, every quarter consists of 12 minutes, Fiba’s four quarters consist of 10 minutes, and high school basketball quarters divide by 8 minutes. One quarter refers to one part of the game that has been completed. 12 minutes seem a concise period for playing the game, but basketball is a very tough game.